Youth Engagement in Invasive Species

Exotic pests and their diseases are a direct threat to the agriculture sector and animal industries. Therefore, controlling invasive species is an integral part of effective land management.

Implementing procedures or measures designed to protect the population against harmful biological or biochemical substances is known as biosecurity. The biosecurity sector in Victoria is responsible for the management of marine and terrestrial pest species, pest insects and mites, the transportation of livestock and plants, plant diseases, weeds and regulating food safety.

It has been recognised by key stakeholders that there is a lack of youth representation in the pest management industry. This means that pest management is missing out on a key demographic that will some day lead the industry. So today, we want to inspire you to start thinking creatively about invasive species management and how you as a young person can participate now.


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Step One

Today you will start the workshop by learning about the four Community Pest Management Groups, supported and funded by Agriculture Victoria. They focus on four significant pests that are spread across the state being Gorse, Blackberry, Serrated Tussock and Rabbits. You will need to answer questions about each of them after their presentations and will be given extra resources to research when necessary.

Management Groups

Step Two

Continuing to improve your knowledge and skill base is beneficial for your employer but most importantly, for yourself. These days life can be so fast paced that we don't give ourselves enough time to focus on what we want and how we are going to get there. So this page is written directly from me (Brydie) to you, and it aims to give you dedicated time to improve yourselves professionally and have a greater chance of being hired.

Professional Development

Step Three

The final session of the day will be delivered in two parts.

  1. Part One will see you break into small groups and use the information you've learnt today to produce an initiative, idea or product for the future of invasive species management. Give yourselves 45 minutes at least to focus on this task to think through as much detail as possible.
  2. Part Two will see all groups joining a Zoom call with professional young leaders of Bendigo and surrounds from the pest management industry. They will be your judges and your group can present together or elect one person to present to them. You will be scored and we will have our winner!

Final Session

Completed ALL the steps?

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