During this session you will learn about how community pest management groups are working with communities to educate residents on best control of their invasive species. You will learn about the groups and how they contribute to pest management across Victoria.

The Community Pest Management Groups are:

  1. The Victorian Gorse Taskforce
  2. The Victorian Blackberry Taskforce
  3. The Victorian Serrated Tussock Working Party
  4. Victorian Rabbit Action Network

After watching each presentation, answer all of the questions from Section One of your worksheet.

The Victorian Gorse Taskforce

The video covers a history of the VGT, the plants biology and characteristics, an introductions to common control methods and extra sources of assistance for landowners. "The Virtual Demonstration Field day" was created to connect to residents across Victoria and encourage them to start gorse management in their backyards during lock-down.

After watching the video, answer the questions in the worksheet that you downloaded:

  • What are the five recommended components by the VGT of an effective gorse management plan?
  • You should manage the large, mature infestation of gorse first, so it does not seed again before treating the dispersing, smaller patches on a property. True or False?
  • Cut & Paint is best suited for what type of infestation?

Virtual Demonstration Field Day

The Victorian Blackberry Taskforce

You will need to download the Victorian Blackberry Taskforce's (VBT) presentation here. The presentation covers how the taskforce operates, the plant's biology, why blackberry is a problem and common control options for the weed. It also contains four short videos, so make sure you don't miss them.

After reading through the presentation and watching the video below, answer the questions in the worksheet:

  • When is the optimum time to treat infestations with the application of herbicide?
  • What is Blackberries country of origin?
  • What is the most important section of the blackberry plant? Also referred to as the “heart” of the plant.

Linking Biology to Control

The Victorian Serrated Tussock Working Party

To learn about the Victorian Serrated Tussock Working Party (VSTWP), please watch the below video. It covers how the VSTWP operates and how they manage the containment line, the difficulties around identifying serrated tussock, control options for the weed and give a great example of long term management to finish.

After watching the below video, answer these questions in the worksheet:

  • How many hectares of Serrated tussock are infested currently in Victoria?
  • When does serrated tussock germinate?
  • What is the name of the targeted residual herbicide that controls serrated tussock?

Educational Overview of the VSTWP

Victorian Rabbit Action Network

To learn about the Victorian Rabbit Action Network, please read the Best Practice Guide (BPG) and watch the two videos below. They outline the importance of collaboration between private and public landholders when managing rabbits, the negative impact of rabbits, the rabbit recipe and common control methods.

After reading the BPG and watching the below videos, answer these questions in the worksheet:

  • Name three control techniques for rabbits.
  • How many people has VRAN reached since its creation? And how much land have they covered?
  • How many rabbits do you need to have ‘before you have a rabbit problem?’

Best Practice Guide

Click here to open the Glovebox Best Practice Guide for rabbits.

About VRAN

The Rabbit Recipe